Product Review: Betty Crocker Hello Kitty Cookies

My daughter loves cats! When my mom saw these Hello Kitty cookies she knew she had to get them for her. We had another snow day today so we spent some time making these cute little cookies!


The mix is super simple! You only need 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of water and 1 egg. Once you mix it all together the dough turns a pretty pink!


It was easy enough my 5 year old was almost able to do it all on her own.


Once the balls are rolled out you have to flatten them and then stick these cute little hello kitty edible paper on.


Overall the cookies were pretty good. The paper was a little weird on top of the cookie. It wasn’t that it had a bad taste because it had no taste. It just was a weird texture mixture with the cookie. After my first one the texture issue didn’t bother me as much with the second. My kids ended up peeling the kitty off and eating the cookie.

This was a cute, inexpensive mix and my daughter was super proud for making them on her own!


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